Our Scope

The McGill Green Chemistry Journal comprises articles written by McGill students, which critique, report, and propose topics inspired by the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. The journal challenges the definition of green chemistry by accepting various perspectives offered by the authors. The published articles highlight different ways for sustainable chemistry to directly and indirectly improve people’s lives.

  • Design of more sustainable chemicals
  • Chemistry to reduce waste production
  • Analytical techniques for hazardous substances
  • Societal effects of green chemistry
  • Evaluation of the sustainability of chemical processes
McGill's Otto Maass Chemistry Building

CHEM 462: Green Chemistry

This journal is entirely written, reviewed, and edited by students enrolled in Green Chemistry, a semester-long course led by Profs. Audrey Moores and Robin D. Rogers.

The 2016 editorial staff

Meet the Editors

The 2016 editorial team is composed of editor-in-chief Arnold Downey and associate editors Jill Bachelder, Pierre-Oliver Ferko, and Joseph Marrett.
The 2015 team included editor-in-chief Irene Carrasco and associate editors Allen Li, Ross Koby, and Sheena Louisia.


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